Kobold Witch Doctor WIP

This was the #1 pick from the last model poll! He will be a mad scientist still, but I like the witch doctor look so that style will be evident.


Kobold Base

$3+ Supporters have access to this exact base in the ZBrush files!


Modified Base

So already he looks way different. This only took about 5 minutes because I knew exactly what I wanted. When I think of this character, I think of wise and slightly neurotic personality traits. I reflect this in his face and build.


…Okay. But how.

I know it isn’t intuitive to convey personality in a sculpt from the beginning. So even though the model already looks way different than the base, I only changed a few things.

High cheekbones, different horns, and a stronger jaw line.

For example, the purpose of the high cheekbones is to convey age and wisdom. They also give a dramatic frame to the eyes.


Clothing Design

I block out the clothing quickly with masking (hold CTRL) and extracting in the Subtool Palette.


What’s next?

From here I will start detailing the clothing. I’ll try to detail the hard surface aspects consistently to tie the model together. The tail cuffs, arm braces, belt, and neck piece should match for example.

New Rendering Software!

I got Keyshot! If you aren’t familiar, it is an excellent rendering software that simulates materials and lighting. I had a ton of fun messing around last night and I want to show you guys what I came up with. I just played around with one model to keep things consistent. I will slowly be updating all the renders for my previous models as well :) This software is so incredible I may print a few posters, who knows!

(No, I’m not sponsored by Keyshot haha Just excited about it)


First one!

This was just a direct import from ZBrush. Didn’t change the material or mess around with the settings. Already looks incredible I think!


Material Change

I went with a dark metal material. I am really impressed with how accurately the reflections are simulated!


Different Environments

So this is super cool, they have different environments to simulate different lighting.


Another environment

Loved how dark and ominous this one looks! I’m surprised how clear the model is despite a black material on a black background.


Normal Render

This is closer to how I plan to do all of my model renders! Probably not in black, but I really do like it~

Tomorrow I have another exclusive 3D modeling tutorial coming out!

It will go into detail about all of the main brushes I use. You will be able to check it out at www.m3dmprints.com/learning. Everyone that is a $3+ supporter will have the password.

New Model Release and Sale!

Rock Bridge is now released! This was made for the Lost Adventures Kickstarter! I had a lot of fun working with Danny to make this bridge :) It is fully playable so you can set minis on it!

Also, I have 15% off every order for my shop! The coupon is automatically applied to your entire order. You’ll see it pop up in the Check Out how much you saved~ Shop here


Some of my first terrain!

Prior to this I had pretty much no experience. Danny was extremely helpful and really helped me out with this one!

Posing the Cyberpunk Angel

Hi all! Friendly reminder that I will be choosing the two $5.50 winners tonight at 9pm PST. They will be announced tomorrow! Al $5.50+ patrons will be considered to win. Previous winners include the Haunted Horseman and Monster Queen.

Now, onto posing the cyberpunk angel!


T- Pose

I always start with a neutral position with the arms slightly away from the sides. This allows me to work in symmetry which is much faster!


Subtool Palette

I start by organizing all my objects. The subtool palette can be found at the top of ZBrush. It is under the Tool menu.


Reduce Objects

I want fewer objects to work with to simplify posing. So I combine the body, gloves and boots. As well as the head, hair, and mask. I combine these based on what I want to move together. For example, I definitely want the head and hair to move together.


Much simpler!

Now there are only 4 pieces to worry about! I combined these my clicking merge down further down the Subtool Palette.


Split Again

So, funny enough now I split it up again. I want the torso, legs, and arms to be separate.

I do this by masking an area (hold CTRL), and then clicking Split Masked Points further down the Subtool Palette.


All split up!

See now that the torso is its own object. Every arm and leg is separate now too. Now I can pose the model like an action figure.


Move Mode (Click W)

By clicking W that sphere will show up. That’s the 3D Gizmo. By clicking and dragging the different axes around it will move the object. You can re-position the entire Gizmo by holding ALT, then click and drag wherever you want it to be on your model.


All moved~

So for this transformation, I clicked and dragged that red line in the 3D Gizmo down.