Mouse Knight Armor!

Oh my he is coming out so cute! Which is funny because I almost gave up on this model. The head was really alien and disfigured for about an hour. It was definitely a humbling process haha

So for this post I wanted to chat a bit more about polycount instead of the extract method I use to make the armor. I’m still not great at it, but you’ll get the general idea of some “proper” technique.


Starting Point

Time to make some armor!


Creating the Pieces

I mask an area using CTRL, then go to the Subtool palette. Scroll down to Extract. Pick thickness, enable double, click extract, then accept!

Now you have an armor piece~


High Polycount

I have wire frame turned on by clicking SHIFT + F. This shows every square that makes up the mesh.

When it is this dense, it is hard to manipulate the mesh cleanly. I will show you what I mean.



I love using this functionality. Go to the Subtool palette, then Geometry. Farther down you will see ZRemesher. This nifty function takes your mesh and greatly reduces your polycount and usually creates better topology.


Cleaner Lines

See how much better the mesh looks? Instead of jumbled lines you can clearly see a nice grid. This makes it much easier to cleanly mask an area.


Cleaner Masks

I masked a small border at the bottom of this armor piece. I then went to Deformation under the Subtool Palette. I was able to use the Size and Inflate sliders to cleanly manipulate my mesh.


Final Product!

Here we are! This armor looks much cleaner than a lot of my previous models. Goes to show there is also something new to learn :)

If you look closely, see how the piece of armor looks way more rough than the arm piece I made in this tutorial? If I used this technique it would have come out more clean. I put some weathering on the armor anyway, so I decided not to fuss with it.


Lamia Lion Variant is Done!

Here she is!! I'm really happy with her. She looks proud and fierce~ I toyed with giving her arms more muscle tone. I definitely want to do more body variation in the future. I'm happy that my faces look different, but the bodies need some work! My next two models are an elf and a mouse knight. So, you want see the body variation yet, but soon! haha



Introduction to Masking - New Exclusive 3D Modeling Tutorial

Click here to check it out!! All $3+ patrons have the password to the website with all of my exclusive tutorials.

This tutorial shows the basics of masking, and how I use a masking technique to make my dragon armor! There will be a Part Two to this featuring another masking technique!


Posing the Lamia

This model is just about good to go! She will be released tomorrow along with a YouTube video! Getting back into making videos regularly so you can expect those twice a week from now on!


Starting Out

Devise a plan on how you want to split up your model for posing. In other words, what are you going to move?


Organizing the Model

I split the model into the body, belt, and spear. That is all pretty intuitive. However, I also keep the hair separate! The pony tail will be much easier to move if it is a separate object. Otherwise I might accidentally deform the back trying to style the hair.


More Objects

I also split the leg into its own object for easier posing. Simply mask using CTRL, then split in the subtool menu.

I also arc her back to give a sense of motion.


Different Angles

Make sure to move your model around! Adding a curve to her back was much easier from this top view.


Styling the Hair

The dynamic look to the hair was done with a few strokes of the move brush. Work smart not hard!


Moving Objects

To move her belt, I clicked W on my keyboard to bring up the 3D Gizmo. Then I clicked on the arrows to drag it into place.



Not yet. Here is how I soften up a stiff pose.


Angle Those Hips!

Our hips and shoulders are rarely parallel. To make a pose look less stiff, just tilt them a little bit. Subtle adjustments go a long way. To do this, I mask her lower body and then use the 3D Gizmo to move it.


Look what a difference that small adjustment made!

Honestly, it is still a bit stiff haha My understanding of anatomy is very much a work in progress.

I still love her :)

Final pretty render in KeyShot.

Final pretty render in KeyShot.

Weapon Design - Lamia's Spear

I am ready to pose my Lamia, but first she needs a weapon. I went with a spear for this design. It is important that the weapon matches the character. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate familiar textures into the weapon

Quick render in KeyShot

Quick render in KeyShot


Basic Shapes

For a spear, I simply start with a cylinder and a cube. You can add primitive shapes by going to the subtool palette and clicking ‘append’.


Spear Head

For the spear head, I increase the Dynamesh resolution and click on Polish. The button Polish will be highlighted in orange when active. Now I will use the Trim Dynamic brush to shave off portions of the cube. It really is similar to whittling down an actual rock into a spear just without any of the hard work!


Keep it Simple

No need to overthink it! Just went for a general spear head shape.


Masking for Detail

I mask off a section using CTRL. I inverted the selection by holding CTRL and clicking on the space around my model. Now I will texture this area using a ClayBuildup brush!

I used the masking technique and Claybuild Up with some DamStandard for all of the details.

I used the masking technique and Claybuild Up with some DamStandard for all of the details.



I think they pair nicely together. The hand grip resembles the cuffs on her arms and ankles. The small ornate patterning running up and down the spear pairs well with the necklace as well.

I will have this model posed and released within the next few days!