Next Model Results!

  1. Elven Bladesinger - 48 votes

  2. Kruthiks - 35 votes

  3. Female Human Bard - 31 votes

  4. Zelehut - 21 votes

  5. Roman Fighter 16 votes

So that means I will be sculpting the elven bladesinger, a kruthiks, and a female human bard! Thank you so much for voting!

*Votes are totaled from this website and Patreon.*

You can click the image to go check it out too.

You can click the image to go check it out too.

New tablet that I’m using! I loved my old one, however it was 12 pounds… Not exactly fun to easily pack up and move around haha

Here is the link if you wanted to check it out!

Definitely not a cheap item haha I recommend for committed 3D modelers so you really get use out of it :)

Per usual, the link is connected to me via Amazon Affiliates. All purchases benefit me at no extra cost to you.

Kickstarter Model Preview!

Super excited for this KS! It will be all Halloween themed and just generally spooky. Every model will have a complementing scatter terrain piece.


Starting now, all $3+ Patrons will have access to vote in polls regarding my upcoming KS. You will be able to vote on models, poses, and scatter terrain. There will be 1-3 polls a week until the last week of September. The first poll will be tomorrow!

MODEL REQUEST (for free community releases, not Kickstarter related)

The next model poll will be tomorrow! All of the voting options will be taken from the request board you all contributed to yesterday. Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas! You can still go to yesterday's post and share your idea :)

Forest Guardian! Not posed or fully detailed, but you get the generally spooky idea

Forest Guardian! Not posed or fully detailed, but you get the generally spooky idea


Next Model Poll!

Let me know what you want to see next!

If you are not a supporter on my website, you can still vote but they will not be counted towards the final totals. If you want your vote to count, make sure to subscribe to the website!

If you want to submit your own request, go here~


Request Board!

Request Board.png

How does this work?

Leave a comment below of what you want to see me model :) Priority is kinda complicated. To simplify it, priority goes to Patrons that give the most and supported the longest. (Nearly every one of you supporting me on this website used to be on my Patreon. You get credit for that support as well.) Your requests will go into a poll for everyone to vote on! Polls have 5 models. The top 2 will get modeled. The bottom 3 will go into the next poll for a chance to win.

What can I request?

Anything! There isn't a guarantee I will put it up for vote however. Like if you ask for a Power Ranger, probably not going to happen haha

Reference pictures are encouraged!!

What about my request from # months ago?

I'm starting a new request board because I only had record of 5 requests left, and a lot of them were too vague/unknown to find good reference art for.