Banshee WIP - Community Choice Tutorial

Here are some WIP shots of my Banshee for my upcoming KS!

My free tutorials are usually topics I pick. I wanted to do one that is community choice! Is there anything you want me to explain how I made it?
For example you can ask how I sculpted the face, hair, dress, anything! :)

I will do a general tutorial here, and a more detail heavy version for my Learn to 3D Model page.

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  • Dragonborn Eldritch Knight

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  • Lamia Lion Varian


Concept Stage

I always recommend putting together some concept art!

Always nice to reference and keep your design focused.


Beginning Steps


Defining General Shapes


Adding Motion


Refining Detail

The next steps are detail work for the hair and posing!


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New Kickstarter Model Preview!! The witch~

This will be the free model for my upcoming Kickstarter. Meaning she will be released for free the day of launch, September 16th! I was originally going to release my Forest Guardian instead, but I really came to love this model.

Plus, she is FDM and resin friendly which is very important to me! Other than her chin and a small edge of her hat, she is almost support free too! She will have a bubbling cauldron as her scatter terrain piece!

You ever look something new you've made and be like "YES. I'm improving! <3" This was one of those model for me :) I have a new model coming on Monday! It is a very classy elven mage~ I think you'll like her!