Cyberpunk Angel Release!

Here she is! I absolutely adore her~ This is a request from my Patreon! I will be holding a request board for my website supporters as well. I’ll let you know when I do! I’ll have a new 3D modeling tutorial tomorrow all about how I posed this model.


Simple and elegant.

I tried to keep the pose fairly calm here. Gives a nice confidence vibe I think. I also have the entire flat edge of the polearm sunk into the base for stability. Still going to be a tricky print! Pay extra attention the the middle three section of the wings and the thumb. Everything else won’t be too bad!


Thank you!

It has been an insane month. I’m proud of myself for everything I was able to accomplish! Definitely proved to myself that I can really do this full time artist bit.

July Summary

  • Launched my first Kickstarter! (I’m still reeling from how well it went!)

  • Launched this website! Woohoo!

  • Released 7 models to my supporters

  • Released 15 separate decorative bases

  • Added 10 more pre-supported STL files

  • Added 8 new ZBrush files

  • Began organizing a 3D Assets folder! (First bundle is almost ready for release~)

  • Began organizing my next Kickstarter!

Super excited for August!!

Much love,
Mia Kay