Cyperpunk Angel WIP

This a request I got awhile back from a fabulous long term supporter of mine. Usually I don’t like sci-fi modeling because it involves hard surfaces. I sort of cheat with this model by keeping the whole thing pretty much one object and pairing it with Dynamesh+Polish.


Base body

I took my base female body and lightly muscled her. I also made her hips and legs a bit wider. I felt they should look a bit stronger since she will have wings. Makes sense to me to have strong legs to kick off into flight.

I split her hands, head, and body into seperate objects as noted in the subtool palette. (Check out green circle above)


Split it up

I keep the hands, head, and body separate because they work better with different Dynamesh resolution. (See green circle: I keep the hand resolution all the way to 1720! The body is only 500.)

If the resolution is low, the fingers of the hand just meld together. I don’t want to keep the body super high resolution though because it makes sculpting slow and a bit unforgiving. In other words, it takes forever to smooth areas out if the resolution is super high. The higher the resolution, the more polygons.


Blocking out ideas

I like to start with the head because that is typically where everyone looks first. Since it sets the tone for the character it is important to pay special attention to it.


Sculpting the bodice

I use claybuild up brush with Dynamesh+polish to get this look. I have the hair hidden so I can work easier.

Masking Techniques

I use a mask with the move brush to pull out shoulder pads and then detail them. Then I use a mask with the claybuild up brush for the edges. I have my brush choice circled in green.


So far…

She will end up with a full suit.