Monster Queen

This is a creative request from my $5.50 winner for July! So it is going to be a beautiful woman who uses her monstrous harp to create monsters. She is quite resourceful though, and hates to waste any monsters. As a result, she re-purposes failed monsters into clothing. Over time these become part of her. As you can see below, she has goat legs like a satyr. Very unique idea! So let’s get to it!


Starting Out

Don’t worry, it is always going to look a little weird starting out! But you MUST get that general shape down before you start detailing.


Change angles

As you can see, working from the front angle here is especially awkward because the bend in her legs doesn’t translate well. I didn’t ignore this angle, but I didn’t do my main bulk of work here because it doesn’t give me the information I need.


Texture goes a long way

By adding the fur, your eye is finally directed to look somewhere so it doesn’t feel so awkward. So, I kept adding more and more elements like clothing and horns.

There’s a lot to do, but I have a good bulk of the work done here. The character has a sense of personality or existence now. I will have all sorts of posts detailing how I do clothes and hair. This first post is to give a general overview of the beginning steps.

My next focus will be finalizing the design. This means reviewing all of the elements like the hair and clothing. I want to make sure they fit together and don’t tell contradictory ideas. I want everything to “match” so to speak. You can pair beautiful things with ugly things, but there needs to be some sort of connection.

For example, her ugly clothing made of skin pairs well with her slightly messy asymmetrical hair cut.