Kobold Witch Doctor WIP

This was the #1 pick from the last model poll! He will be a mad scientist still, but I like the witch doctor look so that style will be evident.


Kobold Base

$3+ Supporters have access to this exact base in the ZBrush files!


Modified Base

So already he looks way different. This only took about 5 minutes because I knew exactly what I wanted. When I think of this character, I think of wise and slightly neurotic personality traits. I reflect this in his face and build.


…Okay. But how.

I know it isn’t intuitive to convey personality in a sculpt from the beginning. So even though the model already looks way different than the base, I only changed a few things.

High cheekbones, different horns, and a stronger jaw line.

For example, the purpose of the high cheekbones is to convey age and wisdom. They also give a dramatic frame to the eyes.


Clothing Design

I block out the clothing quickly with masking (hold CTRL) and extracting in the Subtool Palette.


What’s next?

From here I will start detailing the clothing. I’ll try to detail the hard surface aspects consistently to tie the model together. The tail cuffs, arm braces, belt, and neck piece should match for example.