Local Meetup Info and General Update

Local Meetup

I teach a completely free 3D modeling course at Root Access once a month. I've been able to meet a lot of you lovely people in person which is beyond cool!

I'm at Root Access a lot, and I would nothing more than to hang out and model with you guys! So I'm sharing my schedule on my website. You can see when I will be there by clicking here. I'll be adding more meet-ups for October. As of now I just have my next 3D modeling class.

More Root Access Info : https://rootaccess.space/

Essentially, it is a wonderful makerspace to learn all sorts of things. Crafting, modeling, coding, soldering, laser-cutting, etc.

Upcoming Model Release

A reminder that models are coming out super soon!

Sept 20th: Elven Bladesinger

Sept 23rd: Kruthiks

Sept 29th: Female Bard

3D Modeling Tutorials

There will be a 3D modeling tutorial paired with each model release. It will focus on how I made one aspect of each model. An exclusive 3D modeling tutorial is coming to the Learn to 3D Model page later this week explaining Dynamesh and what poly count means in general.