New Rendering Software!

I got Keyshot! If you aren’t familiar, it is an excellent rendering software that simulates materials and lighting. I had a ton of fun messing around last night and I want to show you guys what I came up with. I just played around with one model to keep things consistent. I will slowly be updating all the renders for my previous models as well :) This software is so incredible I may print a few posters, who knows!

(No, I’m not sponsored by Keyshot haha Just excited about it)


First one!

This was just a direct import from ZBrush. Didn’t change the material or mess around with the settings. Already looks incredible I think!


Material Change

I went with a dark metal material. I am really impressed with how accurately the reflections are simulated!


Different Environments

So this is super cool, they have different environments to simulate different lighting.


Another environment

Loved how dark and ominous this one looks! I’m surprised how clear the model is despite a black material on a black background.


Normal Render

This is closer to how I plan to do all of my model renders! Probably not in black, but I really do like it~

Tomorrow I have another exclusive 3D modeling tutorial coming out!

It will go into detail about all of the main brushes I use. You will be able to check it out at Everyone that is a $3+ supporter will have the password.