Posing the Lamia

This model is just about good to go! She will be released tomorrow along with a YouTube video! Getting back into making videos regularly so you can expect those twice a week from now on!


Starting Out

Devise a plan on how you want to split up your model for posing. In other words, what are you going to move?


Organizing the Model

I split the model into the body, belt, and spear. That is all pretty intuitive. However, I also keep the hair separate! The pony tail will be much easier to move if it is a separate object. Otherwise I might accidentally deform the back trying to style the hair.


More Objects

I also split the leg into its own object for easier posing. Simply mask using CTRL, then split in the subtool menu.

I also arc her back to give a sense of motion.


Different Angles

Make sure to move your model around! Adding a curve to her back was much easier from this top view.


Styling the Hair

The dynamic look to the hair was done with a few strokes of the move brush. Work smart not hard!


Moving Objects

To move her belt, I clicked W on my keyboard to bring up the 3D Gizmo. Then I clicked on the arrows to drag it into place.



Not yet. Here is how I soften up a stiff pose.


Angle Those Hips!

Our hips and shoulders are rarely parallel. To make a pose look less stiff, just tilt them a little bit. Subtle adjustments go a long way. To do this, I mask her lower body and then use the 3D Gizmo to move it.


Look what a difference that small adjustment made!

Honestly, it is still a bit stiff haha My understanding of anatomy is very much a work in progress.

I still love her :)

Final pretty render in KeyShot.

Final pretty render in KeyShot.