Posing the Monster Queen

So I used to hate posing. Now I hate is slightly less haha
No but really, this method works the best for me. Rigging is way too time intensive if you are doing just one pose. So this is my solution! I treat the model like an action figure. You’ll see what I mean.


Splitting the model

This model is actually 6 different pieces. I’ll show you what I mean, and how I did it. Currently the torso is selected, that’s why it is a lighter color.


Here is the subtool pallete!

You’ll see there actually 6 different objects! 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head, and 1 torso.

I have highlighted the split function. First I masked off sections, and then clicked split. You can do split masked or unmasked. It accomplishes the same thing and results in two objects.


Mia… but where is the subtool palette?

Click tool (circled in blue) at the top of your screen. You’ll see that Subtool is the first thing listed.


But how do I mask something?

You hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and just draw anywhere on your model. It will turn a darker color. The picture above shows the brush palette. It pops up if you click B on your keyboard. (B for brush is how I remembered it!) I highlighted all the different sort of masking brushes you can choose. By default, masking is done with a masking pen.

My brush palette will look slightly different than yours because I added and removed a bunch of brushes.

Now click W on your keyboard. That circle with the red and green arrows will show up. That is the 3D Gizmo. By moving that around, it will move the object.

Place the gizmo where the joint is! This allows for natural looking posing. Otherwise you get the incorrect example as shown above where the 3D Gizmo is at her elbow.

You can move the 3D Gizmo by holding ALT on your keyboard. Then, place your pen somewhere on the model and drag in any direction. You must be on the model, and you must hold down ALT while you drag your pen. Probably sounds complicated, but once you do it what I described will all make sense.

I’m having a lot of fun making these tutorials! Even more info to come tomorrow. Don’t worry if you didn’t understand everything because I plan for all of my tutorials to be this descriptive and beginner friendly!