Radial Symmetry - Detailing a Cauldron

Here is a quick how-to on radial symmetry! This will take symmetrical effects and put them in a circle. If that doesn’t make sense, just scroll down the pictures and it will make way more sense.

Also, I just passed 400 supporters!! That is incredible! It also means you will get 18 slots of models instead of 16~ Super cool. Quick recap of how I organize how many models I do a month below. Doesn’t really apply to this month since I’m releasing over 40 animals already, but still cool!!

3 Slots - Giant, high detail, or multi-part Models
2 Slots - Medium detail and complexity models
1 Slot - Straightforward simple models

Now let’s design a cauldron! Here is a basic cauldron shape I started with.


Activate Radial Symmetry

First you will need to go to Transform at the top, and then scroll down to the symmetry block (circled in blue). Make sure you activate symmetry so that block is highlighted in orange. Then, click the (R). This will activate radial symmetry,


Yellow Dots

See all of those dots around the middle? Those are indicating all of the areas that will be affected by the brush I have active. If you don’t see these dots, then radial symmetry isn’t active.



This was done in less than a minute thanks to radial symmetry. All I did was pick the DamStandard brush and draw a slightly curved line from the top of the brim to the bottom. Then I did the same thing next to it with ALT+DamStandard to build up the edge. Pretty awesome!