Request Board!

Request Board.png

How does this work?

Leave a comment below of what you want to see me model :) Priority is kinda complicated. To simplify it, priority goes to Patrons that give the most and supported the longest. (Nearly every one of you supporting me on this website used to be on my Patreon. You get credit for that support as well.) Your requests will go into a poll for everyone to vote on! Polls have 5 models. The top 2 will get modeled. The bottom 3 will go into the next poll for a chance to win.

What can I request?

Anything! There isn't a guarantee I will put it up for vote however. Like if you ask for a Power Ranger, probably not going to happen haha

Reference pictures are encouraged!!

What about my request from # months ago?

I'm starting a new request board because I only had record of 5 requests left, and a lot of them were too vague/unknown to find good reference art for.