Sculpting Armor - Dragonborn Knight

This Dragonborn Knight will have armor similar to a samurai so I figured this was a perfect time to show you all how I do it!

It is going to look like a lot, but it isn’t too bad I promise! It is best just to think of it as a few steps.


  • Mask an area

  • Extract

  • Repeat



It will be a front plate of armor so I just drew a rectangle mask on his chest. A mask is just selecting an area.

Mask an area by holding CTRL on your keyboard and drawing on your model. I use this technique for shirts, pants, and even hair!



Go to the Subtool palette. (It is located under Tool which can be found at the top of your screen where all the menus are listed horizontally).

You want to click Extract. A thickness of 0.02 usually works fine. I like to enable Double so it extrudes into the model as well. This helps with watertight issues later on.


Click accept.

You do this after clicking extract. It just does a preview first, so you can change the thickness before you confirm by clicking accept.


Extract is done!

Now you can see there is a little plate extruded on his chest. I don’t want his muscles to show, so I will smooth that out.


Rinse and repeat.

I made another small rectangle extraction, then just duplicated it a bunch of times to get that layered effect.


Keep going!

I know it can be frustrating. Especially because ALL models have a point where they look silly. They have to look unfinished before they look finished. It seems obvious, but don’t forget that!