Starting the Dragonborn Eldritch Knight

This is for the other $5.50 winner! He requested a Dragonborn Eldritch Knight. I’m really excited for this, and I’ve been wanting to improve my dragon heads and scale work.

First, I started with my Kobold Base. This is available to all $3 patrons and higher within ZBrush Files.


Kobold base

Just something to start with. Need to remove the tail, bulk the body, and a few more things to make it a Dragonborn.


Starting out

Immediately I removed the tail and began to reshape the head. Some muscle tone was awkwardly added to the shoulders. I did that quickly just so I could sculpt the head and neck with the right proportions.


Much better!

Improved the hands, muscle town, and head. I went from the step before to now by using the following brushes: Clay Build Up, Inflate, and Dam Standard. That’s it!

Learn How to 3D Model exclusive poll!

The majority wants to start from the beginning so that’s what we are going to do! If you want access to that page, you need to be a $3 supporter or higher ( The password to the page will be sent to you with the other rewards in an email. You can navigate to the page put liking Learn to 3D Model at the top of the website.

I will be posting at least once a week with a detailed tutorial. The first one will be about how to open a file, move around, and what brushes to use!