Starting the Lamia


What is a Lamia?

I have a reference image on the left there. Lamia is from ancient Greek mythology. She was a woman cursed to be a child-eating monster after her children were killed by Hera. Naturally Zeus was unfaithful, and Hera was extremely upset about it and cursed Lamia. Generally she is half serpent, though I liked this half lion interpretation. Like most mythology, there is all sorts of variants out there.

I imported my lion from Kickstarter as the base to work off of. Work smart, not hard!



Modified the base

I changed the lion body to resemble the elegance of the reference image. I used three brushes to do this. Claybuild up, move and trim dynamic.



3D Gizmo

Click W to bring up the 3D Gizmo. You can stretch your model in a direction by moving any of the rectangles. I used the green one (circled in yellow) to stretch the body of the lion vertically.



Starting the face

Horrifying, I know. This is from the Female Base Mesh provided in my ZBrush Files rewards. I put on the eye brows and eyes. Other than that, this is how it starts.


Adding emotion

Lamia has a seriously tragic backstory with quite a hefty curse. So I gave her eyes a very stylized monster look. Her eyebrows are slightly arched to give an expression somewhere between stoic and pained.




With monster design, you have to remember that it isn’t random. There is still a rhyme and reason to it. For centaur like creatures, I noticed that it is essentially a normal standing person with two extra legs tacked on. I make this look less awkward by smoothing the transition to her back and belly.


Progress so far!

I’m really loving the look of this so far! If you want to see a detailed step-by-step tutorial about how I sculpted her hair, go to the Learn to 3D Model page. All $3+ supporters have the password.

Next update I will start on the clothing/armor design!