Workflow Tip


Organizing your Character

I like to make a 3D character sheet when designing my minis. The $5.50 winner did a fantastic job explaining each weapon and design, so I didn’t have to fuss too much with that.


Consistent style

I like to assemble all the pieces together and make sure they flow together. The axe for example has engravings that complement the folds on the belt.


Details matter!

I probably don’t need to put handles on the back of the shield for example. I’m pretty sure the shield will be placed on his back so you wouldn’t even see the handles. That being said, now I have a good asset that can be used for other characters in different positions now!

I also probably did not need to put the wood scratched texture on the handle of the axe and crossbow. It won’t show up on a 28mm scale print, but just in case someone prints this 6 inches tall those details really matter!