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I am accepting print submissions from you lovely people! Just go to the CONTACT ME page and link photos of prints you’ve done! They can be from my Thingiverse or Kickstarter. If you want to attach pictures instead of linking them, you can email with all that info!

Here is some info you can tell me about how you printed it! (Include as much or as little info as you want.)

Printer Brand

Filament or Resin Brand

Slicer Settings

Slicer Used

Print Orientation

Support Type

Subnautical Showcase #1!

This is Subnautical! A fun request I did from my request board! This character was created by Scott A. who has been a long term and fantastic supporter of mine. I adore this character, and this massive print really makes the character look impressive!

Print Settings

Printer - cr-10s

Layer Height - .12 mm

Print Speed - 40mm/sec

Infill 10% Walls - 3

Supports - lines