$3.00 Patron


$3.00 Patron

3.00 every month

Request what model I should make next! You must be a Patron for 3 months before your request can be voted on.

  • Access to all my ZBrush files

  • Access to my brushes and base meshes

  • Access to assets folder (Weapons bundle released currently)

  • Password to the Learn to 3D Model Page

  • Vote on upcoming Kickstarter

  • All $1 benefits

You will receive the password to the “Learn to 3D Model” page. This will be based on community input. I will hold polls on what the majority would like to learn, and then I will make detailed posts about it. This can range from learning how to sculpt hair to how to insert a reference image.

Note! I use ZBrush though many of the sculpting techniques can be applied to different softwares.

Rewards will be emailed to you within 48 hours along with an Order Fulfillment email. Check your spam if you don’t see it! The email will have links to organized DropBox folders with all of the files. You do not need to have DropBox in order to access or download the files.