Posing the Kobold Witch Doctor

Hiya! Before I jump into posing the witch doctor, I wanted to give you an update on the exclusive 3D modeling tutorial! The vote was really close! Instead of having a poll every week I plan to do a tutorial on each of these topics since the expressed interest was pretty uniform. Though let me know if you’d rather vote every week instead!

So all of these topics will be covered in depth on the Learn to 3D Model page. Access to $3+ supporters only!



Starting Out

I start in a t-pose. It’s a good standard pose to start with and allows me to work in symmetry for all the detail work.



Two Files

I have two save files just incase I do something with the pose I don’t like and save by accident.

You will see this trend in the ZBrush Files rewards if you are a $3+ supporter. There is usually a normal file, and a POSE file.



Lots of objects

So as you can see my subtool palette is a mess. There is over 30 objects making up this model. This makes posing really confusing, so I condense this.

Lower on the subtool palette is the merge button. Just click merge down and it will combine the object you have selected with the object below it on the subtool palette.



How I Organize

I combine objects based on what I want to move together. I would definitely what the head, horns, and horn “earrings” to move together.



New Objects

This is how I split up the model. It looks alien because I stretched it out so you could see each object separately.

Now where it might seem less intuitive is how I split up the clothing. I kept the tabard and the belt separate for example. I don’t want the belt to be stuck to the tabard if that makes sense. They would move independently in reality, so I try my best to mimic that when I pose the model.



Almost done!

I haven’t touched up seams or posed the hands yet. Overall, this is how it is going to look!

This model will be released tomorrow with a decorative base!